Oil Tempered Vs Zinc Galvanized Torsion Springs: What’s the Difference?

Torsion SpringsThe torsion springs that came with your garage door installation are going to wear out sooner or later. Two spring types are available: Oil tempered and zinc galvanized torsion springs. Most homeowners don’t give a second thought about the type of spring being used during a replacement. You should know, though, that you do have a choice.

Oil Tempered Torsion Spring

This is the more common of the two and has been around since the advent of the garage door. The spring is made from carbon steel that undergoes multiple heating and cooling phases using hot oil. This strengthens the spring so it can handle the constant stress applied when the garage door opens and closes. While durable, oil tempered springs are susceptible to rust. They can also leave traces of oil residue on the door and adjacent parts. Continue Reading →

Garage Door Sensors’ Photo Eyes Out of Alignment?

garage door sensorsThe photo eyes, or the garage door sensors as they’re often referred to, cast an invisible beam at ground level. Designed as a safety feature, the beam acts prevents the door from closing if the beam is disrupted. The garage door sensors’ photo eyes, however, may not perform this vital function if they’re out of alignment.

How to Align the Garage Door Photo Eyes

We often realign the photo eyes as part of a bigger garage door repair service. In some cases, you may also be able to align the sensors yourself. If the garage door opens fine but won’t close or only partially closes, then the sensors’ eyes are likely out of alignment.

Check both photo eyes to see if the LED lights are lit. If one is unlit or is flickering, then it might have been bumped. Gently push the unlit sensor to align it with the lit one until the light returns and stays on. If you have a laser level at your disposal, this would be a good occasion to put it to use. To adjust the photo eye, you may have to loosen the screws on the pivot brackets supporting the senors.

It’s also possible that the photo eyes are aligned and the lens are simply dirty. Gently wipe the lens using a damp microfiber cloth. Upon a new garage door installation, we often remind homeowners to clean the lens at least once every six months. Continue Reading →

The Future of Garage Doors; Innovations to Expect in the Next Decade

Garage door innovationsTo most people, a garage door is just an oversized contraption that opens and closes via remote control. However, this is the golden age of technology, and even something as ordinary as a garage door is becoming more high-tech. Here are three insights regarding the future of garage door innovations that we anticipate in the next decade.

1. Smartphone Control

Today, you can use your smartphone to unlock your car door. Some apps can now do the same: opening and closing garage doors. Such apps are currently only compatible with certain garage door openers and manufacturers. However, expect it to become more mainstream in the coming years.

Smartphone control, however, also comes at a price. There is always the danger that someone might hack your mobile device, enabling the hackers to gain control of the phone and open your garage door. Continue Reading →

3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter

Garage door maintenanceThe cold season is here. The Redmond area does get chilly enough to warrant a quick garage door inspection and maintenance. Winter weather can wear down the parts and cause a malfunction. Some garage door maintenance this winter will prevent the garage unit from failing at the most inopportune moment.

1. Remove Built Up Grease

Grease and other debris gradually accumulate on the garage door track and rollers. The cold weather can cause the grease and gunk to harden. This may prevent the garage door from opening or closing all the way. Examine the tracks and wipe away any signs of grease before it begins to harden.

While all grease and debris should be wiped clean, do not make any attempts to adjust the torsion springs or cables. Leave it to a garage door repair crew if any of the parts look worn or out of place.

2. Lubricate

After wiping the tracks clean, give the parts a good lubrication using regular grade machine oil. Spray the tracks, rollers, hinges, and bushings. A silicone-based lubricant is best, because it doesn’t harden as easily under cold temperatures. Lack of lubrication, or even too much lubrication for that matter, can cause misalignment. Continue Reading →

A New Garage Door as a Gift

Garage door Christmas giftYour Christmas shopping list this year may include that Chanel scarf, a Kindle reader, or even something generic like a fruitcake. Here is another idea that makes for an excellent year-round gift: a new garage door. Believe it or not, a good number of our clients are people planning to give a garage door Christmas gift.

Why a Garage Door Christmas Gift?

Well, why not? Unlike a lot of items, a new garage door is actually a functional gift. It’s also something the entire household benefits from. So you’re essentially giving a gift to the recipient’s entire family.

Yes, we realize that a new garage door has a few more zeros on its price tag than a typical gift. This is why it makes for an excellent group gift, one for which multiple people chip in. Perhaps you have a coworker constantly complaining about his outdated garage door, or that his garage door opener constantly malfunctions. Make arrangements with your work buddies to make this a collective gift. Continue Reading →

Garage Door Remote Control Theft on the Rise

Garage Door Remote Control TheftAccording to Consumer Affairs, car break-ins are on the rise. The car itself, though, usually isn’t stolen. The prize the thieves are often after is the garage door remote control. With the remote control in their possession, there’s no need to smash a house window or kick open the door. Garage door remote control theft has increased in the past few years. Find out what you can do to prevent your remote from falling in the wrong hands.

How to Prevent Garage Door Remote Control Theft

Most car owners clip their garage door remote on the car’s visor or leave it in the glove compartment. Speaking of the glove compartment, this is also where most people store their car registration forms, which contain their home address. Once a thief has your remote and address, your home becomes an inviting target. Continue Reading →

Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Garage Door

Garage Door Halloween DecorationsOver the years, we have noticed progressively more homeowners using their garage doors for Halloween decorating. Some are even using the driveway as the staging area for handing out candy instead of using the front porch. Even though we specialize in garage door installation and not home décor, we do know a thing or two about Halloween decorations for the garage door. Here are a few ideas to arouse your Halloween spirit.

Our Favorite Garage Door Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Spider Web

Use black construction paper or black streamers to create a cobweb design. Some homeowners like to use stretchable cotton balls, but we don’t recommend this because the cotton can get tangled in the rotors and moving parts when the garage door is opened.

2. Nocturnal Creatures

Construction paper can also be used to create the outline of various creatures, including bats, black cats, and owls. You can also add a crescent moon, a large kettle, a broken tree stump, or a witch on a broom. Continue Reading →

2016 Home Trend: Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors │ Redmond │ National DoorIn all of our years in business, we have encountered numerous garage door trends. Popular past and present styles include contemporary, cottage, and barnyard doors just to list a few. Glass garage doors are another hip trend that is really starting to take off. A few of our garage door installations have included garage doors with an all-glass panel.

Glass Garage Doors Are Stylish and Bold

Choosing an all-glass garage door is a drastic move; it’s certainly not for every home. Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly draw eyes to your property. It’s also a creative way of adding curb appeal if you have a front-facing garage and you want to make it the focal point.

With a glass garage door, the room takes on the function of a sunroom. This makes it especially a good option if the room is used for other purposes besides storing the car, such as a workshop or study room. The occupant will receive plenty of sunlight, which has an abundance of documented health benefits. A glass door also breathes life to the interior and makes it appear more as another room in the home. Continue Reading →

Garage Door Trends in 2016

Garage Door Trends in 2016With 2016 a little more than halfway through, what better time to analyze some of the top garage door trends? For homeowners with a front-facing garage, you may definitely want to take note of what’s hip and in high demand among homeowners in and around the Redmond area. Adopting one of the garage door trends of 2016 will keep your home up to date and enhance its curb appeal.

Bigger Garage Doors

The average two-car garage door is 12-by-7 feet. More homeowners, however, are choosing to install larger garage doors, usually 14-by-7 feet or 16-by-7 feet. This trend is likely caused by the rising popularity of full-size SUVs and pickups over the smaller midsize sedans.

Bold Colors

White and tan garage door panels have traditionally been the default choice. More homeowners, though, are electing to use bolder and more daring colors. This allows them to distinguish their homes from the rest of the neighborhood, so it’s not just another generic white-picket-fence home. Based on our observation, homeowners do not prefer one particular bold color over another. We have seen homeowners opt for unusual colors that include the full spectrum of the rainbow. Yes, we’re telling you that we have seen our fair share of yellow, purple, and red garage doors. Continue Reading →

Should You Invest in Double Garage Doors?

Double Garage DoorYou may have seen homes in upscale neighborhoods with a double garage door. These usually consist of a two-car garage with a single, large garage doors. If you’re in the middle of renovating your home, then at some point you may want to decide between installing a single large door or two smaller doors.

The Pros and Cons of a Double Garage Door

Some homeowners simply like the look of having two garage doors. The visual appeal has “affluent” written all over it. Double doors also greatly enhance curb appeal if the garage faces the front of the home.

There’s a few other benefits as well, though. Some homeowners find it easier to park in a garage with two doors. Each door represents a separate section, and this helps drivers park within their section. This prevents one from parking too much to the center and preventing the second car from getting in.

Of course, there’s a few drawbacks as well. With two separate doors, it may not be possible to park a single car in the center or at an angle, which may be necessary when making auto repairs. Additionally, two smaller doors may be trickier to park and back out of, particularly if you have a large pickup truck or SUV. Continue Reading →