How & Why to Test Your Garage Door’s Balance

national-doorWhat does it mean when your garage door needs to be balanced? Most modern garages use torsion springs that act as a counter-balance for the torsion pole, which is connected to two cable drums attached to the base of the door. An improperly balanced garage door can become a safety hazard, as it may suddenly slam shut when it’s halfway open. Periodically test your garage door and contact a garage door installation company if it’s off balance.

DIY Garage Door Balance Test

Testing the garage door’s balance is quite simple. Open the door about halfway using the release mechanism (the dangling cord with a handle). Once it’s partially open, release the handle and observe the door; it should stay still or move up or down just a few inches. If it does this, then the door has just the right balance. If the door lowers significantly or even slams shut, then the balance is really off. This means the tension on the springs are too weak, and you’ll need to contact a garage door repair service to have it adjusted.

Just as the spring tension can be too weak, it can also be too strong. This will be evident if the door continues to open a few feet or all the way once you release the handle. Springs with excessive tension need to be adjusted as well.

The Two Finger Test

There’s one more test you should perform even if the door stays in place. With the door in the halfway position, try to open it even further by lifting the base using only two fingers. You should be able to easily lift the door using only two of your digits. If the door doesn’t budge, or if it suddenly opens up all the way, then the balance is off and should be corrected.

We provide other handy garage door tips for keeping the system in tiptop shape. Testing the Garage door’s balance is just one way of extending the system’s longevity. Call National Door in Bellevue for all your garage door needs from installation and openers to service and repair.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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