Protect Your Garage Door Opener from Lightning

national doorThe odds of you getting struck by lightning are one and 3,000 over your lifetime. The probability is a lot closer with respects to appliances, including your garage door. Every year, thousands of garage door openers are damaged from Lightning, which renders the unit entirely inoperable. Given that Seattle is prone to heavy storms, and it’s the time of year for that kind of weather, you may want to take precautions to protect your garage door from lightning.

Why the Garage Is at Risk

About one in every 200 homes are struck by lightning every year. The garage is especially vulnerable because lightning can easily travel through electrical outlets, Ethernet cables, and phone jacks.

Even if lightning doesn’t strike the home, the electromagnetic pulses from a nearby thunder bolt can short circuit the garage and other appliances. This can lead to “ghost openings” where the garage door opens on its own. Even if the garage appears to be okay, you still need to bring in a garage door repair technician if your home was hit and appliances are acting up. Though the garage may appear fine, issues can arise at a later point.

Protect Your Garage from Lightening

A simple way to safeguard your garage is to install a surge protector. This simple device plugs directly into an outlet and reduces the voltage supplied to other electronic devices by preventing excess voltage from reaching a safe threshold. A surge protector runs for about $15 and can prevent hundreds of dollars of damage should your home be that one house out of the 200 that gets hit by a fury of nature.

Get Your Garage Inspected Following a Lightning Strike

If your home becomes a lightning strike statistic, then bring in a garage door installation specialist to inspect the extent of damage. In most cases, the circuit board will have to be replaced, and possibly the entire opener. In any case, let the experts at National Door have a look should your garage door be struck by lightning and rendered inoperable.

Expert Garage Door Opener and Circuit Repairs

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Edited by Justin Vorhees