How Wind-Resistant Is Your Garage Door?

national-doorRedmond and the surrounding area can be prone to strong winds. Just this past November, a powerful windstorm left over 370,000 Seattle residents without power. Strong weather also puts your home at risk for exterior damage. This holds true for your garage door, too. This is why it’s important that your garage door’s wind resistance rating is suited to handle strong gusts that are common in the northwest.

Wind-Proofing Your Garage Door

If you’re installing a new garage door or having an existing one repaired, be sure that it’s hurricane-proof, or at the very least, impact resistant. The latter is designed to brace against objects being hurled against it at high speeds. The former is designed with a framework that is twist-resistant. It’s also the more durable of the two and worth the investment.

Inspect your Garage Door Components

You should be familiar with your garage door’s wind resistance even if the door was never replaced since you moved into the home. Have every component from the garage door opener to the frame inspected to determine its impact rating. Have the necessary bracings installed if need be. For older garage doors, though, you can’t simply retrofit it with newer hardware from a bracing kit. You’ll need anew garage door replacement. In any case, the assessment needs to be determined by a professional.

It’s also worth noting that installing a wind-resistant garage door is a great way to bring your home insurance premiums down. Some insurance companies, in fact, require it. Regardless, it’s a nice incentive if you’re not convinced of the importance of a reinforced garage door.

Let Us Wind-Proof Your Garage Door

At National Door, we can modify your garage door so it meets local building code requirements. Wind-proofing your garage door will give you a peace of mind knowing that the structure is secured against even the most formidable winds.
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Garage Door Wind-Proofing From the Pros

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