Attached Garage Vs. Detached Garage; Which Is Better?

national-door-3-2016If you’re building a home rather than moving into an existing one, then the blueprint will likely include a garage. This gives you the option between an attached garage or a detached garage. There are pros and cons of each. However, the construction of either will require a garage door installation from an expert.

Benefits of an Attached Garage

An attached garage is the more common of the two types. The fact that it’s attached to the home means quick access without having to step outside. This is especially convenient if you use the garage for storing an extra freezer or other commonly used items. It also makes loading and unloading the car easier. In addition, an attached unit also makes the home as a whole appear larger. This is really the case if the garage door is positioned in the rear and out of sight. People looking from outside in will only see the garage as part of the overall structure.

Benefits of a Detached Garage

Though quite rare nowadays, some homeowners prefer a detached garage. A detached unit is beneficial in several ways. First, it makes the home safer because it’s one less entry point for would-be burglars to gain access to the home. Second, a car that is started in the garage releases hazardous fumes, such as benzene. The emission can make its way into the home in an attached garage. Finally, some homeowners feel that a detached unit provides more privacy, especially if the space is also used as a workbench, a painting room, etc.

Let Us Be a Part of the Project

National Door routinely installs and repairs garage doors for both types of garages. This includes installation of the garage door opener as well. Both attached garages and detached garages can complement your property as a whole; let us add beauty and functionality with a new garage door.
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