The History of Garage Doors

national-doorJust about every component of a home has a history, and garage doors are no exception. The history of garage doors can be traced back to the early 1900s, not long after the rollout of the first automobiles. Here’s a fun food-for-thought article to learn about the origins of the home garage.

Garage Door’s Lengthy History

The first garages were basically modified carriage houses. This was a separate outbuilding and stable for housing the horse and carriage. Initially, the carriage house was merely expanded to make room for the automobile.

In those days, cars were a luxury item. For members of the upper class to have a prized possession sitting inside a stinky carriage house just didn’t feel right. To remedy the situation, the first garages were erected. Early garages were large buildings used for storing multiple cars. Those who owned a garage would make a hefty profit renting out the space to car owners.

The First Garage Doors

As cars became more commonplace, people wanted a place closer to home where they could park their car. This was when individually owned garages came to prominence. The first models were basically carriage houses with the stable removed and a barn door to protect the vehicle from the elements. For the most part, these were simple sheds.

By 1921, the first overhead garage door was built. In 1926, the first electric garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson. By 1950s, the first garages attached to the home were built. Garage door designs also became a trend by this time.

Even Modern Garage Doors Require a Regular Tune-up

History lesson aside, be sure to contact National Door for maintenance or installations. While garage doors have come a long way, they still require repairs from a professional every now and then. We certainly hope this history of garage doors will give you a newfound appreciation for a very integral part of the modern home.
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