National Door Celebrates Garage Door Safety Month

national-door-6June is Garage Door Safety Month. We hope homeowners use this time of year to perform all the basic safety checks on their garage door. Parents should also be sure to lecture their children that the garage door and its components are not toys.

Perform a Visual Garage Door Inspection

Visually inspect the garage door parts. This includes the rollers, cables, brackets, torsion springs, and pulleys for signs of fraying and wear. Contact a garage door repair service if any of the parts appear worn or loose. Do not attempt to replace or readjust any of these parts on your own. They are under high tension at all times, and you can literally lose an eye if any of these parts snap and come flying off.

Update The Garage Door Systems

Check the garage door opener to be sure that it uses rolling code technology. Rolling code systems automatically reset the password each time the opener is used. This prevents code grabbing and keeps intruders from accessing your garage using homemade openers.

Never Race to Get Past a Closing Door

Kids and adults alike are known to try to race in or out of the garage while the door is shutting. Sensors can freeze the door midway if a solid object is detected, but it’s still a risky move. Furthermore, people who race under a closing door tend to jump past the sensors to avoid setting it off. This has resulted in numerous injuries from people hitting their heads on the door.

Test the Reversal Function

Testing the reversal function was discussed in an earlier post, but here it is again. To test the reversal, place an object directly below the door as it is closing. When the door touches the object, it should automatically open back up.

We Take Garage Door Safety Seriously

Being in the garage door business, we have heard our fair share of garage door accidents. Please take our advice to heart and perform a routine inspection. Contact National Door for a repair or a new garage door installation if your current door is outdated. Garage Door Safety Month was invented for a reason, so don’t become an injury statistic.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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