Should You Invest in Double Garage Doors?

Double Garage DoorYou may have seen homes in upscale neighborhoods with a double garage door. These usually consist of a two-car garage with a single, large garage doors. If you’re in the middle of renovating your home, then at some point you may want to decide between installing a single large door or two smaller doors.

The Pros and Cons of a Double Garage Door

Some homeowners simply like the look of having two garage doors. The visual appeal has “affluent” written all over it. Double doors also greatly enhance curb appeal if the garage faces the front of the home.

There’s a few other benefits as well, though. Some homeowners find it easier to park in a garage with two doors. Each door represents a separate section, and this helps drivers park within their section. This prevents one from parking too much to the center and preventing the second car from getting in.

Of course, there’s a few drawbacks as well. With two separate doors, it may not be possible to park a single car in the center or at an angle, which may be necessary when making auto repairs. Additionally, two smaller doors may be trickier to park and back out of, particularly if you have a large pickup truck or SUV.

Also keep in mind that two garage doors mean double the components. You’ll need two garage door openers, two sets of sensors, two sets of torsion springs, and so on. It also means two separate installations. More parts and more labor translates to a heftier cost.

We Install Single and Double Doors

Renovating your home? Contact National Door to have a garage door repaired or installed. We have installed single and double garage doors for countless homes in and around the Redmond area and can do the same for your residence.
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