Garage Door Trends in 2016

Garage Door Trends in 2016With 2016 a little more than halfway through, what better time to analyze some of the top garage door trends? For homeowners with a front-facing garage, you may definitely want to take note of what’s hip and in high demand among homeowners in and around the Redmond area. Adopting one of the garage door trends of 2016 will keep your home up to date and enhance its curb appeal.

Bigger Garage Doors

The average two-car garage door is 12-by-7 feet. More homeowners, however, are choosing to install larger garage doors, usually 14-by-7 feet or 16-by-7 feet. This trend is likely caused by the rising popularity of full-size SUVs and pickups over the smaller midsize sedans.

Bold Colors

White and tan garage door panels have traditionally been the default choice. More homeowners, though, are electing to use bolder and more daring colors. This allows them to distinguish their homes from the rest of the neighborhood, so it’s not just another generic white-picket-fence home. Based on our observation, homeowners do not prefer one particular bold color over another. We have seen homeowners opt for unusual colors that include the full spectrum of the rainbow. Yes, we’re telling you that we have seen our fair share of yellow, purple, and red garage doors.

Faux Wood

Wooden garage doors add an aura of sophistication and class. Wood, of course, is also very expensive. Faux wood, on the other hand, provides the same look and texture, minus the arm-and-a-leg price tag. Most faux wood doors are made from sturdy fiberglass which also increases the door’s R-value.

We’re in the Loop with Every 2016 Garage Door Trend

For many homeowners, the garage door’s appearance is just as important as its function. While we provide garage door repairs and install new garage door openers, we also make solely aesthetic changes. Contact National Door if you’re looking to enhance curb appeal by following the latest garage door trends in 2016.

Garage Door Renovation for Enhanced Curb Appeal

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