2016 Home Trend: Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors │ Redmond │ National DoorIn all of our years in business, we have encountered numerous garage door trends. Popular past and present styles include contemporary, cottage, and barnyard doors just to list a few. Glass garage doors are another hip trend that is really starting to take off. A few of our garage door installations have included garage doors with an all-glass panel.

Glass Garage Doors Are Stylish and Bold

Choosing an all-glass garage door is a drastic move; it’s certainly not for every home. Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly draw eyes to your property. It’s also a creative way of adding curb appeal if you have a front-facing garage and you want to make it the focal point.

With a glass garage door, the room takes on the function of a sunroom. This makes it especially a good option if the room is used for other purposes besides storing the car, such as a workshop or study room. The occupant will receive plenty of sunlight, which has an abundance of documented health benefits. A glass door also breathes life to the interior and makes it appear more as another room in the home.

What About Privacy?

Privacy will likely be a concern. Unlike a regular house window, you can’t just put up curtains. That won’t work because they would interfere with the various parts and opening mechanisms. Not to worry, though; the windows can be tinted to limit visibility and prevent prying eyes.

We’ll Install a Visual and Functional Glass Garage Door

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation, call National Door to have a glass garage door installed. This includes the opener and all the other parts. Also be sure to look up our special offers to see what special deals we have at the moment. Glass garage doors are a rarity, which is precisely why they are so visually appealing.

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