Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Garage Door

Garage Door Halloween DecorationsOver the years, we have noticed progressively more homeowners using their garage doors for Halloween decorating. Some are even using the driveway as the staging area for handing out candy instead of using the front porch. Even though we specialize in garage door installation and not home décor, we do know a thing or two about Halloween decorations for the garage door. Here are a few ideas to arouse your Halloween spirit.

Our Favorite Garage Door Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Spider Web

Use black construction paper or black streamers to create a cobweb design. Some homeowners like to use stretchable cotton balls, but we don’t recommend this because the cotton can get tangled in the rotors and moving parts when the garage door is opened.

2. Nocturnal Creatures

Construction paper can also be used to create the outline of various creatures, including bats, black cats, and owls. You can also add a crescent moon, a large kettle, a broken tree stump, or a witch on a broom.

3. Dangling Skeletons

Dangle plastic skeletons, mummies, ghosts and other creatures from the overhang of the garage. Since the props are not hanging directly from the garage door, this won’t interfere with the opening mechanisms.

4. Tombstones and the Walking Dead

Incorporate Styrofoam tombstones off on the side of the driveway. If there’s open dirt in the area, add a prop hand or the upper half of a zombie to make it look like it’s rising from the grave. The driveway can also be lined with lighted jack-o-lanterns.

Garage Maintenance Comes Before the Fun Décor

Before the spooky makeovers, contact National Door to take care of all necessary garage door repairs on the parts and garage opener. Once everything is functioning optimally, feel free to let your imagination loose with some eye-grabbing garage door Halloween decorations.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Garage Door Repairs for a Festive Halloween

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