A New Garage Door as a Gift

Garage door Christmas giftYour Christmas shopping list this year may include that Chanel scarf, a Kindle reader, or even something generic like a fruitcake. Here is another idea that makes for an excellent year-round gift: a new garage door. Believe it or not, a good number of our clients are people planning to give a garage door Christmas gift.

Why a Garage Door Christmas Gift?

Well, why not? Unlike a lot of items, a new garage door is actually a functional gift. It’s also something the entire household benefits from. So you’re essentially giving a gift to the recipient’s entire family.

Yes, we realize that a new garage door has a few more zeros on its price tag than a typical gift. This is why it makes for an excellent group gift, one for which multiple people chip in. Perhaps you have a coworker constantly complaining about his outdated garage door, or that his garage door opener constantly malfunctions. Make arrangements with your work buddies to make this a collective gift.

Planning It Out

Installing a garage door is a relatively short process and can usually be completed within four hours. However, the entire planning process may take several weeks. Certain parts like panels, glass, and insulation may have to be shipped from a warehouse and may take two to three weeks to arrive.

If you plan to give the garage door as a Christmas gift, you need to plan well in advance, starting in late November or early December. If you begin in winter, the process may take a bit longer because that’s when we’re often busiest. Garage door parts, such as the torsion spring, are more prone to fail during this time, requiring emergency repairs.

We’ll Install a New Garage Door for Your Friend/Relative/Coworker

Out of gift ideas? How about a new garage door? Contact National Door to begin the planning process. A garage door Christmas gift is a year-round generous gesture for someone important in your life.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

New Garage Door as a Holiday Gift

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