3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter

Garage door maintenanceThe cold season is here. The Redmond area does get chilly enough to warrant a quick garage door inspection and maintenance. Winter weather can wear down the parts and cause a malfunction. Some garage door maintenance this winter will prevent the garage unit from failing at the most inopportune moment.

1. Remove Built Up Grease

Grease and other debris gradually accumulate on the garage door track and rollers. The cold weather can cause the grease and gunk to harden. This may prevent the garage door from opening or closing all the way. Examine the tracks and wipe away any signs of grease before it begins to harden.

While all grease and debris should be wiped clean, do not make any attempts to adjust the torsion springs or cables. Leave it to a garage door repair crew if any of the parts look worn or out of place.

2. Lubricate

After wiping the tracks clean, give the parts a good lubrication using regular grade machine oil. Spray the tracks, rollers, hinges, and bushings. A silicone-based lubricant is best, because it doesn’t harden as easily under cold temperatures. Lack of lubrication, or even too much lubrication for that matter, can cause misalignment.

3. Replace Damaged Weather Stripping

It does get cold enough in the Pacific Northwest to cause water to freeze around the bottom seal of a closed garage door. A frozen weather seal cannot keep out cold air. This will result in a cold draft, causing your heating and utility bills to skyrocket.

A Winter Inspection Is Very Important

There is some basic maintenance that the homeowner can do. You should, however, contact National Door if the garage door opener or the door itself is not functioning properly. Our special offers make all maintenance work affordable. Winter garage door maintenance is necessary for ensuring reliable function throughout the cold season.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Complete Residential Garage Door Maintenance for Winter

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