The Future of Garage Doors; Innovations to Expect in the Next Decade

Garage door innovationsTo most people, a garage door is just an oversized contraption that opens and closes via remote control. However, this is the golden age of technology, and even something as ordinary as a garage door is becoming more high-tech. Here are three insights regarding the future of garage door innovations that we anticipate in the next decade.

1. Smartphone Control

Today, you can use your smartphone to unlock your car door. Some apps can now do the same: opening and closing garage doors. Such apps are currently only compatible with certain garage door openers and manufacturers. However, expect it to become more mainstream in the coming years.

Smartphone control, however, also comes at a price. There is always the danger that someone might hack your mobile device, enabling the hackers to gain control of the phone and open your garage door.

2. Sustainable Doors

Clients routinely enquire about eco-friendly garage doors. Indeed, materials have improved over the years. Doors today are not only more sturdy, they also consist of more sustainable materials. Our suppliers have produced garage door panels made from recycled aluminum and other reused materials.

Our suppliers also utilize PVC fiberglass, which does not degrade when exposed to weather elements. This significantly prolongs a door’s lifespan and prevents old panels and parts from ending up in the landfill.

3. Unconventional Materials

Aside from recyclable material, manufacturers are also experimenting with lighter yet more durable material. One example is frosted glass for the garage door windows. This allows in more light while giving the glass a frosted effect to prevent prying eyes.

We have done our fair share of garage door installations using materials new to the market.

We’re in Tune with the Latest Future Garage Door Technology

Call National Door for all garage door repairs. In some cases, we may be able to update the door with the latest technology or materials. Some of the innovations today showcase innovations in store for garage doors of the future.

Innovative Garage Door Technology and Materials

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