Garage Door Sensors’ Photo Eyes Out of Alignment?

garage door sensorsThe photo eyes, or the garage door sensors as they’re often referred to, cast an invisible beam at ground level. Designed as a safety feature, the beam acts prevents the door from closing if the beam is disrupted. The garage door sensors’ photo eyes, however, may not perform this vital function if they’re out of alignment.

How to Align the Garage Door Photo Eyes

We often realign the photo eyes as part of a bigger garage door repair service. In some cases, you may also be able to align the sensors yourself. If the garage door opens fine but won’t close or only partially closes, then the sensors’ eyes are likely out of alignment.

Check both photo eyes to see if the LED lights are lit. If one is unlit or is flickering, then it might have been bumped. Gently push the unlit sensor to align it with the lit one until the light returns and stays on. If you have a laser level at your disposal, this would be a good occasion to put it to use. To adjust the photo eye, you may have to loosen the screws on the pivot brackets supporting the senors.

It’s also possible that the photo eyes are aligned and the lens are simply dirty. Gently wipe the lens using a damp microfiber cloth. Upon a new garage door installation, we often remind homeowners to clean the lens at least once every six months.

Test the Eyes

Test the sensors once the eyes are aligned and the lens are clean. To do this, close the garage door. While the door is moving down, place an object, such as a broom or cardboard piece, over one of the eyes. If the sensors are working the way they should be, the door should reverse and open.

We’ll Inspect Your Photo Eyes for Alignment

Call National Door if the sensors appear faulty. Our special offers make such inspections and repairs affordable. We’ll fix or replace your garage door photo eyes to ensure safe operation.

Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

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