6 Fun and Mind-Blowing Garage Door Facts

garage door factsMany homeowners aren’t aware of the versatility of the modern garage door. For many people, the component is just a contraption used for getting in and out of the driveway. We thought we might present some fun garage door facts to really make you appreciate how special it is.

Garage Door Facts You Won’t Believe

1. They’re Getting Bigger

Garage doors are increasing in size. Our crew is receiving more orders for models beyond the standard 12′ x 8′ garage door. 20% of all garage door installations are comprised of doors wide enough to accommodate three cars.

2. They’re Everywhere

An estimated 82 million U.S. homes have a garage; this includes both attached and detached garages. That is enough to provide shelter for every car manufactured worldwide in 2013.

3. They’re Super Tough

Modern garage doors can withstand wind speeds of 90 mph. For comparison’s sake, that is equivalent to the garage door withstanding the weight of an average-size car.

4. They’re the New Front Door

71% of homeowners enter and exit the home on a daily basis via the garage door. This makes the garage door the front door more so than the front door itself.

5. They Absorb a LOT of Energy

Over a 25-year period, garage doors absorb energy from ultra-violet rays that is equivalent to the energy production from 55 gasoline barrels. The amount of energy absorbed in a single 24-hour period is also enough to roast a whole turkey.

6. They’re a Workhorse

Garage doors undergo 25,000 open/close cycles before requiring a major repair. That is the equivalent of climbing 29,000-feet up Mount Everest five times.

Need Garage Door Maintenance?

Contact National Door for regular inspections of the door and components, including the garage door opener. With some of these garage door facts revealed, it’s no wonder they require routine maintenance.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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