Garage Door Safety Month Is Here Again

garage door safetyJune is Garage Door Safety Month. Last year, we celebrated and imparted tips to our readers on how to improve garage door safety. We are going to do this again at the risk of sounding like a broken record. We believe it’s that important.

Safety Rules for Garage Door Safety Month

Educate Your Children

Children love to race to get past a closing garage door. Warn them not to do this. You should also warn them not to touch the springs, rollers, and other components on a door’s interior. Finally, tell them not to hang on the rope dangling from the garage door opener. Children might be tempted because the rope’s plastic red handle has “grab me” written all over it.

Keep the Garage Door Closed

Now that summer is here, homeowners may be tempted to keep the garage door open to let the air circulate. We don’t recommend this unless someone is in the garage at all times. An unsupervised garage is an easy target for grab-and-go burglars.

Cover the Windows

Garage door windows are usually located on the upper most panels and are too far above eye level for anyone to look through. However, window-heavy garage doors are becoming a trend. Some doors are even composed of all-glass panels. To prevent prying eyes, we recommend installing frosted glass for any windows located at or below eye level.

Invest in Garage Door Technology

Some garage door remote controls are available in keychain format. This is better than the traditional remote control that people clip on their car visors. Traditional remotes are often a target for theft.

Complement Safety Month with a Repair

Repairing worn components is the best thing you can do to promote safety. Contact National Door for an inspection; parts like the torsion springs, rollers, hinges, and brackets can wear out and compromise the door’s ability to operate safely. Commemorate Garage Door Safety Month by arranging for a professional maintenance.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Repairs and Inspection for Garage Door Safety Month

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