Be Sure to Clean Your Garage Door Opener Cover

garage door opener coverThe garage door opener is a component that deserves more attention. Like the rest of the garage door unit, this is a part that can turn into a safety hazard. We recommend that homeowners periodically remove the garage door opener cover to clean the interior that houses the light bulb.

The Garage Door Opener Cover Is a Fire Hazard

In some models, the upper part of the cover is open to keep the light bulb from becoming too hot. However, this also leaves an opening for debris. This is especially the case if you frequently leave the garage door open.

We even documented a few cases where birds built a nest inside the cover. The nesting material combined with the bulb’s heat create the conditions for a fire to breakout.

Remove the Cover and Clean the Interior

Many homeowners never open covers after the garage door opener’s initial installation. Some homeowners only remove the cover to replace the bulb, if they even do that.

We recommend periodically opening the cover to check for debris. The cover is usually secured with screws, but otherwise should be easy to open if you have a ladder and screwdriver. The other option is to request that a technician take a quick look during a routine garage door repair or inspection.

In any case, you should take action if you notice debris, which you should be able to see through the opaque cover. As an added safety measure, we also recommend using an LED bulb for the opener. An LED bulb emits less heat and is cool to the touch. This virtually eliminates the fire risk altogether.

Keep Your Garage Door Up to Date

Due to the many intricate components, the garage door requires maintenance at regular intervals. National Door can open the garage door opener cover and inspect the interior for combustible debris.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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