4 Alternative Garage Uses

alternative garage usesThe garage isn’t limited to a holding station for your car. Many homeowners use the garage for other purposes, usually as an extra bedroom or a storage area. We’ll suggest some alternative garage uses for homeowners that don’t mind parking their car in the driveway.

Other Uses for a Garage

1. Home Office

Do you know what Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos all have in common (besides being insanely rich)? They all began their respective businesses in a home office in their garage. Why not follow the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs?

2. Gym/Yoga Studio

Newer garage door installations include sliding windows. The natural ventilation makes the garage a great workout space. Just install a few mats, some free weights, a bench, and you have your very own 24-Hour Fitness, minus the monthly fees.

On a side note, do not hang anything (i.e. punching bag) on the garage door opener or tracks.

3. Game Room

Convert the space into an entertainment center. This can be a movie theater or game room complete with a pool table, dart board, jukebox, and some classic arcade games. This also doubles as a mancave or as a hangout spot for a ladies’ night out.

4. Children’s Recreation Room

Kids these days spend too much time burying their faces in a computer screen. Use the garage as an activity center for your kids. This is an internet-free zone where they engage in other traditional fun activities, such as arts and crafts, dancing, or tumbling.

Be Sure You Have a Functional Garage Door

The garage door should operate normally irrespective of how you use the space. Before any conversions, contact National Door for a garage door repair if any components require a fix. Alternative garage uses are only limited by your imagination.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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