Can You Install a Garage Door On A Slopeded Floor?

garage door on a sloped floorA number of hillside properties exist in and around the Redmond area. Some of the homes rest on uneven land. At times, we receive calls from homeowners enquiring whether we can install a garage door on an sloped floor. We’ll discuss this process and whether it can be done.

Garage Door Installation On A Sloped Floor

Garage door installation on an sloped ground certainly poses some complications. In the past, some installers would say “no” to the job. Others would install the garage door and simply ignore the gap between the sloped area and the bottom of the garage door.

A garage door on a sloped floor presents several challenges. For example, a sloped installation places uneven stress on the door and hinges. This reduces the door’s lifespan and may also void the warranty. You’ll also likely require a garage door repair much sooner than later.

Furthermore, the space beneath the floor also drastically reduces insulation, not to mention that it creates an entry point for rodents and other vermin.

Customized Garage Doors for Sloped Floors

Nowadays, installers use customized doors to create a perfect fit for sloped areas. This includes sloping bottom rails and sections for a door that leave no space when the door is closed. For smaller slopes, installers can eliminate the gap by simply installing a wider bottom rubber seal.

These custom doors are not that much more expensive than a standard door. They’re also far more affordable than hiring a third-party paver or subcontractor to even out the floor.

We Install Garage Doors On Sloped Foundations

Is your home located on a slope? Your garage may not align evenly with the floor. Contact National Door to correct the issue or install a new garage door to accommodate the uneven angle. Our special offers make garage door installations for a sloped floor affordable.

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Custom garage Doors for Uneven Foundations

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