New Year’s Resolutions for the Garage Door

garage door maintenanceHomeowners often cite being more organized as one of their New Year’s resolutions. Organization often entails renovating the home, both in the interior and exterior. If you’re going to improve the home, then you should also make New Year’s resolutions for garage door maintenance. This goes for both the functional and aesthetics aspects of the door.

1. Perform a Maintenance Check

If you use the garage daily without incident, then all is well. Nevertheless, you should perform a function and safety check. This includes testing the door’s reversal function, inspecting the photo eyes, and checking for balance. We covered all of these in our previous posts; just click on any of the links for an overview. Schedule a garage door repair if any of the points above are not operating normally.

2. Install a New Garage Door

Does the door look outdated or incompatible with the rest of the home? Consider installing a new garage door. This is also a good idea if the existing door is full of dings and dents. Stylish garage doors to look for in 2018 include barn-style, faux word, and all-glass garage doors.

If you’re fine with the existing door, then how about a fresh coat of paint? A bold color works wonders for making the door the focal piece.

3. Incorporate Garage Door Technology

You can unlock car doors nowadays via mobile app. Some garage doors have the same capability. Consider “technifying” your door to integrate it with your devices. Be careful, though, because such convenience also comes the risk of hacking from intruders.

Add Garage Door Maintenance to Your New Year’s Resolution

As 2017 winds down, welcome 2018 with a few home renovations and fixes. Our special offers apply during this time of year. Contact National Door to add garage door maintenance as a New Year’s Resolution.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Garage Door Maintenance for Closing 2017

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