2018 Trend: Garage Walk-Through Door

garage walk-through doorA garage walk-through door is indeed an unconventional albeit creative idea. While more common among commercial garage doors, it’s also an idea that’s making its way towards residential homes. Why not consider this a part of a new garage door installation or a 2018 home renovation?

What Is a Garage Walk-Through Door?

This is a garage door with a regular door built right into the panels. This way, users can enter through the garage much the same way as entering through the front door. This is quite convenient; plus, users can just carry a key around instead of a bulky remote garage door opener.

Opening an industrial garage door is much more of a hassle due to the larger size. With a walk-through door, employees have quicker access.

Walk-Through Garage Doors for Residential Homes

Most people have probably never seen a walk-through door on a home garage. Most are also unaware that such a contraption even exists. This makes it all the more cool if you’re up for a daring home makeover.

When a garage door is damaged, some homeowners may opt for a walk-through garage door instead of repairing the existing unit.

A walk-through door is also a great addition if you normally park your car in the driveway. This enables you to enter directly through the garage instead of going all the way around to the front.

We can Install a Walk-Through Door

Contact National Door if you believe a walk-through door would make a great home add-on. You may have to replace the entire garage door depending on the style of the existing door. Our special offers may cover some of the components you will have to replace. In any case, a garage walk-though door is a renovation with high functional value.

Commercial and Residential Garage Walk-Through Doors

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