Does Your Garage Door Need Reinforcement Struts?

garage-218If you have a double garage door, then you probably have reinforcement struts. You might have noticed this component, but just didn’t know it by name. This U-shaped steel bar serves two important purposes. We’ll explain its function and whether your garage door requires reinforcement struts if it doesn’t already have them.

What Are Reinforcement Struts?

This type of strut is critical for two reasons. They reinforce the door to combat strong winds and also support the unit when the door is open. The latter is especially pertinent in double garage doors where they prevent the heavy door from bowing under its own weight.

Struts are also non-negotiable for homes located in wind-prone regions. The coastal area of Washington is especially prone to high winds, making struts vital for withstanding strong gusts.

When we install garage doors, we use sturdy struts at least 2.25-inches wide and secure them with steel clips or hinges. Garage doors made from lighter-weight material or without polyurethane are also more susceptible to bowing. Struts are mandatory for these door types.

How Many Struts Does Your Door Need?

We usually install a minimum of three reinforcement struts. We may recommend four for garage doors with windows on the upper panels. In any case, strut installation is NOT a DIY job. Garage door manufacturers calibrate each door to counterbalance a set weight. Installing struts may alter that weight. Strut installation without door re-calibration can interfere with door function. This also creates a safety liability. Garage door repairs involving the struts and its clips or hinges require a professional’s expertise.

We Install and Replace Struts

Do the struts appear bent or loose? Contact National door for the latest special offers on our services. Reinforcement struts are just one of the many components that ensure the functionality, reliability, and safety of the garage door.

Garage Reinforcement Strut Installation

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