Can You Install a Garage Door On A Slopeded Floor?

garage door on a sloped floorA number of hillside properties exist in and around the Redmond area. Some of the homes rest on uneven land. At times, we receive calls from homeowners enquiring whether we can install a garage door on an sloped floor. We’ll discuss this process and whether it can be done.

Garage Door Installation On A Sloped Floor

Garage door installation on an sloped ground certainly poses some complications. In the past, some installers would say “no” to the job. Others would install the garage door and simply ignore the gap between the sloped area and the bottom of the garage door.

A garage door on a sloped floor presents several challenges. For example, a sloped installation places uneven stress on the door and hinges. This reduces the door’s lifespan and may also void the warranty. You’ll also likely require a garage door repair much sooner than later. Continue Reading →

4 Alternative Garage Uses

alternative garage usesThe garage isn’t limited to a holding station for your car. Many homeowners use the garage for other purposes, usually as an extra bedroom or a storage area. We’ll suggest some alternative garage uses for homeowners that don’t mind parking their car in the driveway.

Other Uses for a Garage

1. Home Office

Do you know what Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos all have in common (besides being insanely rich)? They all began their respective businesses in a home office in their garage. Why not follow the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs? Continue Reading →

Be Sure to Clean Your Garage Door Opener Cover

garage door opener coverThe garage door opener is a component that deserves more attention. Like the rest of the garage door unit, this is a part that can turn into a safety hazard. We recommend that homeowners periodically remove the garage door opener cover to clean the interior that houses the light bulb.

The Garage Door Opener Cover Is a Fire Hazard

In some models, the upper part of the cover is open to keep the light bulb from becoming too hot. However, this also leaves an opening for debris. This is especially the case if you frequently leave the garage door open. Continue Reading →

How to Repair a Garage Door Dent in Aluminum Panels

repair garage door dentWe have noticed a surge in requests for aluminum garage door installations. Aluminum is sturdy, reliable, and looks especially good with contemporary-style homes. However, it’s also a softer type of metal, making them more prone to dents. Fortunately, we know of a DIY trick you can use to repair garage door dents.

Aluminum Garage Door Dent Repair: Step-By-Step Process

1. Wash the dented area using a mixture of water and dish soap. Wait until the surface is absolutely dry before proceeding to step two.

2. Cover the entire surface of the dent with a sheet of aluminum foil.

3. Apply a heat source over the dent for one minute; use a lighter or heat lamp.

4. Remove the foil and immediately spray the surface for 30 seconds using an air compressor. Hold the canister upside down; this helps distribute the cold air.

If this works, the dent will pop back in place. These steps, by the way, may also work for repairing surface dents on a vehicle. Continue Reading →

Did Your Garage Door Just Come off its Tracks?

Garage Door Came Off TrackA garage door may completely detach from its tracks and rollers, causing it to collapse or partially collapse to the floor. Why does a garage door come off its tracks? We’ll explore the causes behind this.

A Word of Caution

Before diving into the causes, let us emphasize that a detached garage door is very dangerous. The standard garage door can weigh anywhere from 130 to 350 pounds. If the door has come off its tracks, it may be hanging precariously on its lift cables. The amount of weight that comes crashing down can cause serious injury.

Why Did My Garage Door Come Off the Tracks?

The most common cause is the homeowner hitting the garage door with their car. In a hurry, the homeowner pulls out of the garage while the door is still opening and ends up ramming into the lower part of the door. When we repair an off-track door, the homeowner often confesses that the damage was due to their own negligence. Even the force of a car moving at just 5 mph is enough to knock the door off track. Continue Reading →

Garage Door Safety Month Is Here Again

garage door safetyJune is Garage Door Safety Month. Last year, we celebrated and imparted tips to our readers on how to improve garage door safety. We are going to do this again at the risk of sounding like a broken record. We believe it’s that important.

Safety Rules for Garage Door Safety Month

Educate Your Children

Children love to race to get past a closing garage door. Warn them not to do this. You should also warn them not to touch the springs, rollers, and other components on a door’s interior. Finally, tell them not to hang on the rope dangling from the garage door opener. Children might be tempted because the rope’s plastic red handle has “grab me” written all over it.

Keep the Garage Door Closed

Now that summer is here, homeowners may be tempted to keep the garage door open to let the air circulate. We don’t recommend this unless someone is in the garage at all times. An unsupervised garage is an easy target for grab-and-go burglars. Continue Reading →

6 Fun and Mind-Blowing Garage Door Facts

garage door factsMany homeowners aren’t aware of the versatility of the modern garage door. For many people, the component is just a contraption used for getting in and out of the driveway. We thought we might present some fun garage door facts to really make you appreciate how special it is.

Garage Door Facts You Won’t Believe

1. They’re Getting Bigger

Garage doors are increasing in size. Our crew is receiving more orders for models beyond the standard 12′ x 8′ garage door. 20% of all garage door installations are comprised of doors wide enough to accommodate three cars. Continue Reading →

Oil Tempered Vs Zinc Galvanized Torsion Springs: What’s the Difference?

Torsion SpringsThe torsion springs that came with your garage door installation are going to wear out sooner or later. Two spring types are available: Oil tempered and zinc galvanized torsion springs. Most homeowners don’t give a second thought about the type of spring being used during a replacement. You should know, though, that you do have a choice.

Oil Tempered Torsion Spring

This is the more common of the two and has been around since the advent of the garage door. The spring is made from carbon steel that undergoes multiple heating and cooling phases using hot oil. This strengthens the spring so it can handle the constant stress applied when the garage door opens and closes. While durable, oil tempered springs are susceptible to rust. They can also leave traces of oil residue on the door and adjacent parts. Continue Reading →

Garage Door Sensors’ Photo Eyes Out of Alignment?

garage door sensorsThe photo eyes, or the garage door sensors as they’re often referred to, cast an invisible beam at ground level. Designed as a safety feature, the beam acts prevents the door from closing if the beam is disrupted. The garage door sensors’ photo eyes, however, may not perform this vital function if they’re out of alignment.

How to Align the Garage Door Photo Eyes

We often realign the photo eyes as part of a bigger garage door repair service. In some cases, you may also be able to align the sensors yourself. If the garage door opens fine but won’t close or only partially closes, then the sensors’ eyes are likely out of alignment.

Check both photo eyes to see if the LED lights are lit. If one is unlit or is flickering, then it might have been bumped. Gently push the unlit sensor to align it with the lit one until the light returns and stays on. If you have a laser level at your disposal, this would be a good occasion to put it to use. To adjust the photo eye, you may have to loosen the screws on the pivot brackets supporting the senors.

It’s also possible that the photo eyes are aligned and the lens are simply dirty. Gently wipe the lens using a damp microfiber cloth. Upon a new garage door installation, we often remind homeowners to clean the lens at least once every six months. Continue Reading →

The Future of Garage Doors; Innovations to Expect in the Next Decade

Garage door innovationsTo most people, a garage door is just an oversized contraption that opens and closes via remote control. However, this is the golden age of technology, and even something as ordinary as a garage door is becoming more high-tech. Here are three insights regarding the future of garage door innovations that we anticipate in the next decade.

1. Smartphone Control

Today, you can use your smartphone to unlock your car door. Some apps can now do the same: opening and closing garage doors. Such apps are currently only compatible with certain garage door openers and manufacturers. However, expect it to become more mainstream in the coming years.

Smartphone control, however, also comes at a price. There is always the danger that someone might hack your mobile device, enabling the hackers to gain control of the phone and open your garage door. Continue Reading →